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Self Help With LaTersa is all about helping moms rediscover themselves, find balance, and organization within their households. I totally understand how hard it can be to take time out for yourself so you can be the best version of yourself. Let me help you create harmony within yourself and your home. Grab your FREE keys to living an unstoppable life Now! 


Want to learn how to juggle your family and work?


Everything you need to know about organization in your home and life.


Want to be the best version of yourself and live your best life?

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Let’s face it, as a mother, you’re one busy bee. Trying to juggle your work life, your social life, raising children, and pursuing your dreams can take a toll on you. But the good news is, now there’s a way to bring BALANCE to all of it, so you can live a productive and happy life that gives you more energy, happiness…and so much more!

I Am Enough ebook

Learn how to be the best version of yourself with this easy to read eBook. It is a complete self awareness guide to help you on your self discovery journey!

Live Your Best Life Academy

Eliminating limiting beliefs, letting go of the past, and learning howto properly forgive yourself will help you move forward to the life God has for you. This program will make sure you know how to get over your past mistakes and begin to set new goals for your life. 

What Our Clients Are saying...

After working with LaTersa, God sent me clients and He sent me connections so that I can continue to grow and be a success in my business. God is good! LaTersa, I would like to meet you, so that I can give a personal thank you for being inspiring and encouraging to me and to many people. LaTersa, may God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Angela McClain

Now I understand that I need to learn to love myself because God loves me and wants me to be abundant at any age and any season in my life…I still have a lot of growing and need to practice learning to love myself but I’m excited I now have someone to look up to. Hopefully one day I will be as confident as you and not so afraid of life. I just wanted to say thank you for not making me feel so alone and for truly opening my eyes and my heart. You are such a wonderful blessing!

Emma Velasquez